Does it matter to you if I want my audiobook to be an Audible Exclusive?

Not at all! You need to choose the best option for you. This information should help, and you can always shoot us a message if you have more questions.

We now have a direct relationship with Audible and do not use ACX at any point in our process.

You have three options for Audible distribution:

1. Exclusive Distribution (30% net royalty rate)

Distribute your audiobook exclusively to Audible and Amazon! You will receive a higher royalty rate than our other options. Other perks include the exclusive “Only on Audible” banner, potential marketing opportunities, and more!

2. Non-Exclusive Distribution (20% net royalty rate)

Going “wide” means that your audiobook is sent to an additional 50+ retailers and libraries. From online stores, to physical CDs, to library rentals, your audiobook has the opportunity to reach listeners from around the world in a multitude of ways.

3. Exclusive Distribution for 6 months, then Non-Exclusive Distribution (25% net royalty rate)”

With Audiobooks Unleashed, you can elect to make your audiobook an Audible Exclusive and then switch to wide distribution after 6 months.

The best part is that you can do this with any kind of agreement: PFH, Royalty Split, Royalty Hybrid, Royalty Deferred, or even your own custom agreement! You name it, we’ll make it happen.