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Audiobooks Unleashed's Answer

Do you support more than one narrator?


Do you support Rights Holders and Narrators outside of the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland?


Do you support audiobooks in the Public Domain?

Yes! We welcome Public Domain audiobooks, whether they are already completed, in process, or looking for production services.

Do you send my audiobook to libraries?

Yes! Audiobooks Unleashed sends your audiobook to libraries as both digital rentals and physical CDs.

Do you make physical copies of my audiobook?

Yes! And for FREE. We create physical CDs for stores and libraries, which are still very popular. You can even request your own copy!

Do you offer production services?

Yes! If you're interested, AU will set you up with a full Production team, They can take care of everything for you, or you can pick and choose where you would like help! Due to our partnerships with these experts, we can offer this service at an exclusive discounted rate.

What is the contract minimum?

You can remove an audiobook after it has been available for 6 months. (For royalty agreements, both parties must consent to this.)

Which platform sends my audiobooks to the most places?

We do!! AU distributes to over 50 retailers and libraries. And we are making new agreements every day to get your audiobook to as many listeners as possible.

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