Does it matter to you if i want my audiobook to be an Audible Exclusive?

Not at all! You need to choose the best option for you. This information should help, and you can always shoot us a message if you have more questions.

Is there any reason NOT to go with wide distribution?

There is really only one reason not to choose wide distribution, and that is your Audible royalty percentages.

If an audiobook is an Audible Exclusive, Audible keeps 60% of royalties. But if an audiobook is non-exclusive with Audible (meaning it can be sold in other places besides Audible, Amazon, and Apple), Audible keeps 75% of royalties.

A 15% difference. So is wide distribution worth it?

If you ask us, absolutely. Going “wide” means that your audiobook is sent to an additional 50+ retailers and libraries. From online stores, to physical CDs, to library rentals, your audiobook has the opportunity to reach listeners from around the world in a multitude of ways. More often than not, this makes up for that 15% difference. If your audiobook is an Audible Exclusive, you miss out on these opportunities, especially on library sales!

Can I do Audible Exclusive now and switch to wide distribution later?


With Audiobooks Unleashed, you can elect to make your audiobook an Audible Exclusive and then switch to wide distribution after 90 days or more.

The best part is that you can do this with any kind of agreement: PFH, Royalty Split, Royalty Hybrid, Royalty Deferred, or even your own custom agreement! You name it, we’ll make it happen.