Want something beyond distribution?

We have the connections to get you whatever you need to make your audiobook dreams a reality.

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We offer many in-house engineering services to get your production into peak audio condition. Click the title to find out more.

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Sample Check

Send us a mastered sample and we will check to see if it meets our specs- Free!
If it doesn't pass, we will point you in the direction you need to go to get it up to specs.

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Do you need help with production? We have great partnerships that will get you full-service audiobook production, from casting to marketing. The best part? Their work is guaranteed to pass our Quality Control.

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Foreign Productions

Audiobooks Unleashed can get your audiobook in multiple languages with trusted foreign language narrators. Production starts at $150 PFH.

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Manuscript Prep

Don't have time to prep your manuscript? No problem. We have a team of preppers ready to get your book ready for you. Click the title to find out more.

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Want your manuscript in another language? We offer translation to Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Dutch. Translations start at $50 PFH.