All about Royalties

When it comes to royalties, we know it’s all kind of confusing. At Audiobooks Unleashed, we want to take the guess work out of wide distribution. To help you understand what you’re getting into, we’ve broken it down. 

Each platform has its own rules and percentages when it comes to royalty payouts. Lucky for you, we’ve already negotiated all those contracts and have gotten the best deal we can for you. 

Regardless of what kind of agreement we make with a platform, you will receive 80% of net royalties earned on Audible and Amazon, libraries, and over 60 other platforms!

Simply put? Whatever goes into our pocket, we give 80% of it right to you.

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For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to give you a real world example.  Jane’s audiobook has made $20 in royalties this month. To help you visualize what her royalty payout will look like, we’ve included some graphs below. 

If Jane decides to use one of our many royalty agreements, she will be splitting her royalties with her producer. This can be a 50/50 split, like in our graph, or any other percentage of Jane’s choosing. 

The cool thing about Audiobooks Unleashed is that Jane can split her royalties with as many people as she’d like, in any combination of percentages.

Want to be exclusive with Audible? Start at Audible and then go wide? Go to all platforms from the start? We can make it happen. We still always give you 80% of the net royalties earned!

Want to know more about our agreement options? Click here! 

Still have questions? That’s okay! We are here to help. If you’ve got a special circumstance, or just can’t find what you need by searching through our website, just shoot us a message.